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Anji White Tea


Anji Baicha 安吉白茶 is grown in Anji, Zhejiang, which literally translates to "Anji white tea," but Anji white tea belongs to the green tea category. Anji white tea has been produced since the 1970s, it is harvested in a low-temperature environment (lower than 23°C) every spring, due to the hindrance of the synthesis of chlorophyll in the new leaves, the leaf color will gradually become albino. As the temperature rises, the leaf color will return to green. The harvest period is only 30 days (usually from April 15 to May 15) The amino acid content is 5-10.6%, which is 3-4 times higher than ordinary green tea. Polyphenols are less than other green teas, so Anji white tea has a very fresh taste without bitterness.

Biluochun Tea

Biluochun 碧螺春 is grown in the mountainous region of Dongting in Suzhou, Jiangsu. The name Biluochun literally means "green snail spring". It is so-called because it is a green tea that is coiled in a tight spiral. It is one of the ten best famous teas in China. Biluochun is renowned for its delicate appearance, fruity taste, floral aroma, showy white hairs, and early cultivation.

Emei Snow Bud Tea (Maojian)

Emei Xueya 峨眉雪芽 is grown in Mount Emei in Sichuan, 800-1200 meters above sea level, and it literally means "Emei Snow Bud Tea". Emei Snow Bud Tea has the characteristics of flat, smooth, straight, and sharp. The tea has a fragrant aroma, bright green, and a mellow and elegant taste.

Gaoshan Yunwu

Gaoshan Yunwu 高山云雾 is grown in Wuyi, Zhejiang which literally translated means“ Alpine Clouds”. Gaoshan Yunwu tea is grown on a high mountain that is more than 800 meters above sea level. It is shrouded in clouds and mist all year round. Because it is planted in the high mountains, it has a unique taste.

Guizhou Queshe


Guizhou Queshe 贵阳雀舌 is grown in Guizhou. “Que” (雀) means sparrow and “She” (舌) refers to the shape resembling a sparrow's tongue. It is a premium bud tea roasted with tender buds and its fragrance is very unique and rich. The shape is flat and smooth, resembling sunflower seeds, the taste is mellow and refreshing, the aftertaste is sweet, and the soup color is bright yellow and green. The price is high because of the small output

Huangjinya Tea

Huangjin 黄金芽 is grown in Guangde, Anhui, which literally translates to “The golden buds”. The golden bud tea has been produced since the 1990s. The golden buds are yellow all year round, the tea leaves are bright yellow. Cultivated in recent years, the quantity is scarce.

Junshan Yinzhen Tea

Junshan Yinzhen 君山银针 is grown in Yueyang, Hunan which literally translated means“Silver Needle of the Gentleman Mountain”. It is one of the top ten famous teas in China. The inner surface of the tea bud is golden yellow, and the outer layer is white hair.

Maojian Tea

Xinyang Maojian 信阳毛尖 is grown in Xinyang, Henan. “Mao” (毛) means tiny fluff in a cup when brewed and “jian” (尖) refers to the shape of the leaves: young, sharp, full leaves. It is one of the ten best famous teas in China. Xinyang Maojian is known for its unique and delicious flavor. The color is yellowish especially when boiled with water. The tea liquor is slightly thick and has a refreshing crisp taste and with a lasting aftertaste.

Mengding Ganlu

Mengding Ganlu 蒙顶甘露 is grown in Ya'an, Sichuan, which literally translated means“ Nectar/Amrita from Mengding mountain”. It is one of the ten best famous teas in China and is known as the pioneer of famous tea. Mengding Ganlu is the oldest tea in China. It has more than 2000 years of artificial cultivation history.

Rose Tea

Rose tea is a kind of scented tea in China's reprocessed teas. It is made from rose flowers. The brewed tea is sweet and fragrant, rich in aroma and sweet in taste.

Yuhua Tea

Yuhua Cha 雨花茶 is grown in Nanjing, which literally translated means“ rain flower tea”. It is one of the ten best famous teas in China. The cultivation history of Yuhua tea can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. After the tea is brewed, the tea color is green, clear, the taste is mellow, and the aftertaste is sweet.