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2023 Emei High Mountain Green Tea Premium 4g*25

US $125.00
World Green Tea Contest 2019 - Gold Prize The world's top Emei high mountain green tea, picked before the Qing Ming Festival, grows in the 600-1500m high mountain tea area of Emei, with a tender chestnut aroma and a long aftertaste. Portable package, 4 g per packet, total 100 g.

A pair of bird Zisha

US $45.00
The Zisha material has good water permeability and water absorption, and the tea pet will be shinier after being soaked in tea (usually black tea works best) for a long time.

Adenophora Liliifolia

US $6.50US $65.00
With a slightly sweet and bitter taste, this tea is valued in traditional remedies for its purported soothing effects on the throat and lungs.

Albizia Julibrissin Tea

US $5.00US $50.00
With a floral and slightly sweet taste, Albizia Julibrissin Tea is often consumed for its calming effects and its use in traditional relaxation remedies.

Ancient Brown Sugar

US $1.00US $10.00
This rich and comforting tea is a blend of molasses-rich brown sugar, providing a sweet, warming drink that's perfect for colder days or as a sweet treat.

Angelica Slices Tea

US $14.00US $140.00
With a sweet and earthy profile, this tea is made from the revered Angelica root, which is commonly used in traditional practices to promote circulation and vitality.

Anji White Tea

US $23.00US $115.00

Anji Baicha 安吉白茶 is grown in Anji, Zhejiang, which literally translates to "Anji white tea," but Anji white tea belongs to the green tea category. Anji white tea has been produced since the 1970s, it is harvested in a low-temperature environment (lower than 23°C) every spring, due to the hindrance of the synthesis of chlorophyll in the new leaves, the leaf color will gradually become albino. As the temperature rises, the leaf color will return to green. The harvest period is only 30 days (usually from April 15 to May 15) The amino acid content is 5-10.6%, which is 3-4 times higher than ordinary green tea. Polyphenols are less than other green teas, so Anji white tea has a very fresh taste without bitterness.

Artemisia Scoparia

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With a strong herbal flavor, Artemisia Scoparia is steeped into a tea that's traditionally consumed for its potential liver-supporting benefits.

Astragalus Tea

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Astragalus Tea is known for its adaptogenic properties, offering a subtle, sweet taste and is believed to bolster the immune system.


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This tea has a unique, mildly sweet and bitter flavor, traditionally used to support digestive health and energy levels.

Baihao Yinzhen Tea

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Baihao Yinzhen 白毫银针 is grown in Fujian which literally translated means“ White Hair Silver Needle”. It is called that because it has a straight appearance like a needle, covered with white hair, like silver and snow. It was first produced in the 1796s and is one of the top ten famous teas in China. Among white teas, this is the most expensive variety and also the most precious variety, because only the top buds are used to produce tea.

Barley Tea

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With its toasty and nutty taste, Barley Tea is a popular staple in many cultures, appreciated for its digestion-friendly properties and comforting warmth.

Biluochun Tea

US $18.40US $92.00
Biluochun 碧螺春 is grown in the mountainous region of Dongting in Suzhou, Jiangsu. The name Biluochun literally means "green snail spring". It is so-called because it is a green tea that is coiled in a tight spiral. It is one of the ten best famous teas in China. Biluochun is renowned for its delicate appearance, fruity taste, floral aroma, showy white hairs, and early cultivation.

Bitter Melon Slices Tea

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With a distinctively sharp flavor, Bitter Melon Slices Tea is an acquired taste, often chosen for its potential benefits in regulating blood sugar levels.

Black Brick Tea

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Black Brick Tea 黑砖茶 processed from raw dark green tea, with acceptable fine processes as sifting, semi-finished tea blending wet-piling, steaming, and compression brick shaping. The surface of the tea bricks is smooth and angular, the tea has a pure aroma, and the brewed tea is light yellowish red and light brown, the taste is mellow.

Black Tartary Buckwheat

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A robust, nutty-flavored tea, Black Tartary Buckwheat is rich in antioxidants and is often enjoyed for its potential benefits to heart health and blood sugar control.