About Us

Founded in 2017, Tea2Life is a brand that focuses on tea and tea set products.
It gradually launches the overseas online business in 2021 based in Shanghai & Hongkong.

Tea2Life adheres to the principle of “Quality First, Customer First, Honesty First”. We have established long-term cooperative relationships with tea farmers and tea set manufacturers, providing customers with high-quality tea, exquisite and practical tea sets, and spreading traditional tea culture.

From the beginning of the brand establishment, Tea2Life has always focused on the combination of technology and handwork. In the process of expanding overseas markets, Tea2Life fully listens to the opinions of customers, tea farmers, and suppliers, carefully selects products, and strictly controls the entire chain to ensure that the quality of products you received.

Tea2Life provides a full range of tea products, with green tea, black tea, and Pu Erh tea as the core teas, and also operates various types of tea products such as dark tea, oolong tea, and scented tea. For tea products, we take localized and specialized products as the standard and give priority to purchasing products corresponding to the main tea-producing areas. We inspected the production process and manufacturing process of tea products on the spot and selected tea categories that satisfied customers. The Tea2Life product line can adapt to the different needs of consumers.

In terms of tea sets and tea pets, Tea2Life is committed to meeting the needs of customers for drinking tea, while at the same time improving the taste of tea drinking as much as possible. On the one hand, we choose tea sets made of high-quality materials, and on the other hand, we choose handmade tea pets to add some flexibility to the tea-drinking process.

Tea and tea culture are destined to be an inseparable whole. As we all know, China is the hometown of tea and the birthplace of tea culture. Chinese tea drinking is said to have originated in the Shennong era, at least 4,700 years ago. Until now, the Chinese people still have the custom of giving tea as a gift.

“The world of tea drinkers is one family.” Tea2Life will post articles about Chinese tea culture from time to time, and gradually establish an online and offline tea tasting community to communicate with friends who are interested in tea drinking and tea culture.

Tea2Life perfectly combines traditional tea culture with tea products itself, focusing on leading and advancing fashionable tea-drinking tools, through instrumentalization, standardization, digitization, and internationalization, so that the broad, profound and long-standing traditional tea culture can be brought to the world.

 Sincerely, by Tea2Life @ 2021.