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Portable Travel Kung Fu Tea Set With Four Cups And One Teapot

Portable travel kung fu tea set with four cups and one teapot

Travel Kung Fu Tea Set With Portable Bag

Outdoor travel Kung Fu tea set with portable bag
  1. Tea Cloth 48cm*12cm
  2. Lid Saucer 3cm*3.5cm
  3. Portable Bag 23cm*11cm*14cm
  4. Gaiwan 10cm*9cm around 150ml
  5. Tea Caddy 5.5cm*8cm  around 20g
  6. Fair Cup 8cm*7cm around 275ml
  7. Big Cup 7cm*4.5cm around 75ml
  8. Small Cup 5.5cm*3.5cm around 50ml