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Yellow tea is divided into yellow bud tea, yellow small tea, yellow big tea, and ancient method of the Tang Dynasty in Guizhou according to the old and young bud leaves.

  • Yellow Bud Tea (Huang Ya Cha 黄芽茶) mainly includes Junshan silver needle, Mengding yellow bud, Huoshan yellow bud, and Yunnan yellow tea;
  • Yellow Little Leaf Tea (Huang Xiao Cha 黄小茶) mainly includes Weishan Maojian, Pingyang yellow soup, Ya’an yellow tea, etc., which are all yellow teas;
  • Yellow Large Leaf Tea (Huang Da Cha 黄大茶) mainly includes Anhui Jinzhai, Huoshan, Hubei Yingshan, and Guangdong Dayeqing.

Yellow Bud Tea (Huang Ya Cha / 黄芽茶)

Yellow Little Leaf Tea (Huang Xiao Cha / 黄小茶)

Yellow Large Leaf Tea (Huang Da Cha / 黄大茶)

By observing the stir fixation of green tea, people found out that the tea will turn yellow after fixation and rolling if the drying process is not sufficient or in time, thus a new type of tea is created, the Yellow Tea. As a kind of fermented tea, the producing process of yellow tea is similar to that of green tea.

The difference is that yellow tea has an extra process of piling the tea/slightly fermenting it for yellowing, the tea leaves after the stir-fried and primary baking are wrapped with the cotton cloth while they are still hot, normally it is slowly roasted 48-72 hours. This process is the main character of producing Yellow Tea and also the basic difference between yellow tea and green tea. ”Yellow tea leaves and yellow tea soup” are the features of yellow tea.

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