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Tea tree, tea leaves & tea

Tea tree, tea leaves & tea 1 - Tea2Life

Let us briefly explore what is tea, what does the tea plant look like and where does tea like to grow.

There are more and more varieties, but the basic characteristics of tea trees are the same. They like to grow in warm, moist and acidic soil. The South China tea area is the most suitable place for tea trees to grow.

Tea plants are composed of roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds. The shape of the leaves is mostly oval. The surface of the leaves is relatively smooth, and the back of the leaves is rough. In some varieties, there are more vellus hairs on the buds of tea.

Because the varieties are different, the size, color, thickness and shape of tea leaves will also be different. According to the size of the leaf, it can be divided into extra large leaf type, large leaf type, medium leaf type and small leaf type. The size of the leaf can reach 20 cm long, 5 cm short, 8 cm wide, and only 2 cm narrow.

After the domestication of human beings and the promotion of improved varieties, there are more and more varieties of tea trees, and there are significant differences due to differences in varieties, seasons, tree ages, and agricultural technical measures.

According to the tea tree type, tea trees can be divided into arbor type (with obvious trunk, usually 3-5 meters high), small arbor type and shrub type (without obvious trunk, 1.5-3 meters high), and they are now in tea gardens. What I saw was basically a shrub-shaped tea tree, commonly known as “table tea”.

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