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How to smell the fragrance of tea?

How to smell the fragrance of tea? 1 - Tea2Life

In the process of making tea, we shouldn’t skip the process of smelling, so what exactly do we smell? How should we smell the fragrance? In this article, let us talk about “smell the fragrance of tea”.

The main points of smelling: it should be repeated once or twice when smelling the fragrance. The time of each smell should not be too long, keep it within 5 seconds, because the sense of smell is easy to be inactivated, and the sensitivity will decrease if the smell is too long.

Several ways to smell the fragrance:

  • dry tea smell
  • hot tea smell
  • warm tea smell
  • cold tea smell

Dry tea smell

⭐️ Process: put a little dry tea in a container or grab a handful of tea leaves directly in your hand. You can also blanch the tureen and put it in the tea and shake it. The temperature makes the odor in the tea volatilize part of it, which can make the odor in the dry tea more obvious.

⭐️ Purpose: smell the taste of dry tea to distinguish whether the tea smell is smoke, oily, burnt or other peculiar smells.

Hot tea smell

⭐️Process: after brewing the tea with hot water, smell the fragrance. At this time, the temperature is very high, and you can distinguish whether there is any peculiar smell in the aroma of the tea. You can take the lid of the bowl under the nose to smell the fragrance.

⭐️Purpose: hot smell is to distinguish the purity of the aroma, that is, whether the aroma is pure and whether there is any foreign smell. If there is a peculiar smell, it means that the tea may have problems such as odor and moisture.

Warm tea smell

⭐️ Process: after the temperature drops, at this time the temperature range is between 45-55, we can smell the fragrance again.

⭐️Purpose: warm smell mainly distinguishes the type, richness and characteristics of aroma (some varieties of tea have their own characteristic aroma).

Cold tea smell

⭐️Process: smell the aroma after the temperature gradually drops to the body temperature of the human body.

⭐️Purpose: cold sniffing is to judge the persistence of aroma.

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