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Lu’an Melon Seed Tea

Lu'an Melon Seed Tea Type C

The Lu’an Melon Seed Tea originated in the Qitou Mountain area, which was under the jurisdiction of Lu’an in the past and now belongs to Jinzhai County, so it is called “Lu’an Melon Seed Tea”. The county is located at the northern foot of Dabie Mountain, surrounded by high mountains, clouds and mist, mild climate and good ecological vegetation.


The quality of Lu’an Melon Seed Tea is very different from other green teas. The shape of the leaf edge is rolled to the back, and each slice does not have buds and stems, and slightly overlaps upwards, resembling melon seeds, naturally flat; the machine-made Lu’an Melon Seed Tea have large curls and resemble strips. Some people call it “melon strips”; the color is bright green, and the size is even.


Lu’an Melon Seed Tea are the only green tea in China that does not pick stems, buds, and only leaves.

Brewing Method

Lu’an Melon Seed Tea should be brewed in a glass cup, and the water temperature should be around 85℃. You can inject a small amount of boiled water to moisturize the tea first, and then shake the fragrance, so that the contents of the tea can be fully dissolved into the tea soup.

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