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Anji White Tea

Anji White Tea

Anji white tea is not white tea, but green tea! It is a misunderstanding of many people. Anji white tea is an albino phenomenon in tea plants, so its leaves are thin and the buds are white, so it is called white tea, but in fact it is a kind of green tea.


“As fresh as chicken soup”.

Anji White Tea is unique because of its unique variety. The amino acid content in tea is very high. Amino acids are the source of the tea’s freshness. The content of tea polyphenols is less than other green teas. Tea polyphenols affect the bitterness of the tea. The freshness is amazing, and it is often described as “fresh like chicken soup”, and it will not be bitter after soaking for a long time.

Brewing Method

The lower the temperature, the more helpful the dissolution of amino acids, so when we make Anji white tea, we should lower the water temperature appropriately, which can be about 90 degrees, that it will not destroy its freshness; also because of this, Anji white tea especially suitable for cold soaking, it will be very fresh and sweet.

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