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2023 Emei High Mountain Green Tea Premium 4g*25

US $125.00
World Green Tea Contest 2019 - Gold Prize The world's top Emei high mountain green tea, picked before the Qing Ming Festival, grows in the 600-1500m high mountain tea area of Emei, with a tender chestnut aroma and a long aftertaste. Portable package, 4 g per packet, total 100 g.

Emei Queshe

US $60.00US $300.00
Emei Queshe originates from Mount Emei at an altitude of 800-1200 meters, the sprouts of Queshe tea are distinct and the color is green and fresh. The dry leaves are flat and straight, oily green and shiny, the tea color is green and clean, fresh and sweet, the leaves are soft and bright, and the fat is tender and even, like the tip of a bird's tongue.

Emei Snow Bud Tea (Maojian)

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Emei Xueya 峨眉雪芽 is grown in Mount Emei in Sichuan, 800-1200 meters above sea level, and it literally means "Emei Snow Bud Tea". Emei Snow Bud Tea has the characteristics of flat, smooth, straight, and sharp. The tea has a fragrant aroma, bright green, and a mellow and elegant taste.