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Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea Type A

Jasmine tea is a type of scented tea. It is a relatively unique tea category in China. This is a reprocessed tea made of fragrant tea flowers and green tea. It not only has the pure taste of tea, but also has the fragrant aroma of flowers. It complements each other and has unique characteristics.

The scented tea is made through scenting tea with fresh flower buds. The goal of scenting scented tea is to make the green tea fully absorb the volatile aroma compounds released by the fragrant flowers, so that the tea has a characteristic floral fragrance.

Classification & Characteristics

Jasmine tea has a rich fragrance and a mellow taste, which is deeply loved by consumers. Jasmine tea scenting technology can be divided into traditional scenting technology and new humidification and continuous scenting technology. The two processes have their own process flow and scenting principle.

Prior to the 1990s, traditional processing techniques were used to make jasmine tea. Its processing technology theory believes that the aroma absorption of tea in the scenting process is physical adsorption. When the water content of the tea is high, its aroma adsorption The capacity drops. When the water content reaches 18% to 20%, the adsorption performance is equal to zero. Therefore, the key to the traditional scenting process is to reduce the water content of the tea as much as possible, so that the adsorption capacity of the tea can be maintained. In the practice of the traditional scenting process of jasmine tea, the water content of the scented and post-scented tea slabs must be strictly controlled.

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