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Hand-drawn White Porcelain Gaiwan

US $118.90
Width 8.5cm x High 8.3cm Capacity: 125ml This product is manually measured, there may be slight differences from the product.

Handmade Zen Ceramic Frog

US $13.90
Don't see! Don't listen! Don't say! Don't think! That is no confusing. Not be tainted by the six dusts, color, sound, fragrance, taste, touch, and law. That is clean and not stained, To be aware and not lost is the supreme bodhi.

Jingdezhen Color Glazed Porcelain Gaiwan

US $35.90
Tea people are accustomed to referring to Bowl Tea/Gaiwan with coaster as "three talents cups." The cup coaster is "earth", the cup lid is "heaven", and the cup is "person". If you hold the cup, coaster, and lid together to taste tea, this method of holding a cup is called "three talents in one".