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Handmade Three-piece Copper Tea Scoop

US $31.90
  1. Tea Spoon Rest  茶搁 / ChaGe Length About 5cm
  2. Tea Spoon 茶拨 / ChaBo Length About 14cm
  3. Tea Scoop 茶则 / ChaZe Length About 11cm, Width About 6.5cm

Jingdezhen Color Glazed Porcelain Gaiwan

US $35.90
Tea people are accustomed to referring to Bowl Tea/Gaiwan with coaster as "three talents cups." The cup coaster is "earth", the cup lid is "heaven", and the cup is "person". If you hold the cup, coaster, and lid together to taste tea, this method of holding a cup is called "three talents in one".

Persimmon Red Porcelain Tea Cup

US $6.90
The porcelain is delicate, round and well-proportioned. Beautiful, simple and exquisite. The bottom is flat and smooth.

Portable Travel Kung Fu Tea Set With Four Cups And One Teapot

US $35.90
Portable travel kung fu tea set with four cups and one teapot

Zen Hand-blown Glass Candle Holder

US $49.00
Classical, simple and pure. Handmade glass products have subtle differences in shape, with traces of craftsmanship such as drawing bubbles.