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Glass Incense Holder / Tea Needle Holder

US $79.00
Glazed, manufactured using ancient bronze Lost-wax casting, the hot glass flows slowly, and the air between the glasses cannot float out and bubbles naturally form.

Handmade Plum Blossom Needle Holder

US $79.00
Handmade plum blossom needle holder using ancient glazed craftsmanship.

Jingdezhen Color Glazed Porcelain Gaiwan

US $35.90
Tea people are accustomed to referring to Bowl Tea/Gaiwan with coaster as "three talents cups." The cup coaster is "earth", the cup lid is "heaven", and the cup is "person". If you hold the cup, coaster, and lid together to taste tea, this method of holding a cup is called "three talents in one".