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Hand-drawn White Porcelain Gaiwan

US $118.90
Width 8.5cm x High 8.3cm Capacity: 125ml This product is manually measured, there may be slight differences from the product.

Hand-painted Overglaze Enamelling Orchid Lid Holder

US $219.00
Excellent hand-painted overglaze enamelling orchid lid holder, produced in Wenyuan kiln in Jingdezhen, using high-quality pottery clay, painted with enamel color materials on the porcelain body, colorful and full of three-dimensional effect, the butter surface is smooth, simple and crystal clear.

Handmade Plum Blossom Needle Holder

US $79.00
Handmade plum blossom needle holder using ancient glazed craftsmanship.

Jingdezhen Ceramic Hand-painted Lid Holder

US $99.00
Excellent Jingdezhen ceramic lid holder, hand-painted, elegant and dignified color, exquisite painting.

Jingdezhen Handmade Ru kiln Ice-Cracked Glaze Lid Holder

US $159.00
Excellent Jingdezhen Ru kiln ice cracked glaze lid holder, gold lines are drawn on the edge of the utensils, agate is added to the glaze to make the glaze crystal clear, and the cracks are like cicada wings, showing the beauty of nature.

Jingdezhen Matte Glaze Hand-painted Osmanthus Lid Holder

US $89.00
The matte white glaze hand-painted osmanthus cover is produced in Jingdezhen, and is fired at a high temperature of more than 1320 degrees using the on-glaze color process. The matte glaze refers to the glaze with mercerized or jade-like luster without strong reflection.

Sea of Clouds| Hand-carved Wooden Incense Burner

US $69.00
This incense burner is called the Sea of Clouds. Smoke flows down from above, creating clouds in the mountains. Material: Black Walnut / Brown Cherrywood Incense sticks and cones can be used in incense burners